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  1. I Love My Sunday Service and My Bible Study i want to Learn more about my God and Savior i fell up lifted when i’m reading the Bible.Pastor has taught on the different Names that GOD has.what does the Holy Spirit means to me.Blessing my Home,Blessing my Health,Blessing,Blessing my Life,Blessing my Children,Blessing my Grand Children, He has Bless me with a Job,he puts food on my table clothes on my back,shoes on my feet he wakes me up every Morning,he drives my car.he has never left me or for sake me Thank You Jesus Amen.

  2. Thank you for your reply Sis. Mary. You have also received a free ticket for the Motown Show. God Bless and keep up the good work for Gods Kingdom.

  3. The question for the week is one that is asked over and over, if Adam was created perfect in every way why did he sin. I will give you a clue it was the same reason the Lucifer sinned against God and was cast out of heaven.

  4. Correction: Adam sinned because he was more afraid of losing Eve than he was of obeying God and since our Creator gives us free will Adam choose to trust Eve instead of God.

  5. First of this website is lovely! Nicely done

    Adam sinned (this might be a stretch) but Adam was tempted by the the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life. The 3 ways satan tempts us. Adam wanted to be all knowing and Adam was dwelling on what God forbade more than the blessings that God had already given and was going to give. So I would say mainly Adam’s pride got in the way.

    In the long run, Adam had to sin in order for the prophecy of Jesus Christ to become true.

  6. Adam sinned because of that natural desire to know more, have more or be more. He wasn’t led by the woman to sin. Having been given the option to choose, he chose not to take dominion over the woman or the situation. He was disobedient. He was wrapped in flesh and being in the flesh brings sins. This is still how some live. The woman is to be the helper and because of Adam and Eve stepping out of place and not doing what they were suppose to do, men are not at the head and women are leading in some aspects where they shouldn’t be.

  7. Those are good answers thank you for you responses. Adam was created as a perfect being because he was created in the image of God. He was not a robot he had free will to choose what path he wanted to go down. Lucifer and the angels were created with that same free will that is why he and one third of the angel had the ability to choose to go against God. God has changed that with the angels but not with man he wants us to love him and be obedient to him because we want too not because we have too. Great answers keep them coming.

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