2 thoughts on “Topic August 2017

  1. I used to think that a believer is all that you need to be but now I understand that Jesus expects more from us. He desires that we be follower of Him, that means being obedient to Him and committed to His teachings. A disciple shows genuine love and He can tell by our unconditional love if we are simply a believer of a disciple..

  2. I can definitely say that I’m truly grateful for our Wednesday night power hour!! I’m learning so many things about my Lord and Savior on a deeper level it is blowing my mind. I’m learning that a disciple is not someone who just brings an individual to church, but be an example, reflection or a branch of Christ. Love people (believers and non believers) unconditionally and AS IS. We can not change them for the better only God can. So we should live our lives spreading the gospel anyway possible, live life based on the living word of God, and your personal relationship with Him. I Thank God for Pastor Lewis and what he is doing here at House of Hope, He is a true shepherd. I Love House of Hope!!

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