House of Hope Christian Ministries

Pastor Richard L. Lewis

Pastor Richard L. Lewis was called to become a preacher from birth and at an early age began to preach to family members about going to hell if they did not change their ways. Then at 12 years old, he preached his first formal sermon on “Fear God.” It was prophesied by his pastor that he would never be successful at anything but preaching the Word of God. He ran from the calling of God until he could no longer run. In 1995, Rev. Lewis answered his call by dedicating his life to preaching the Word of God and helping to save lost souls. Pastor Lewis served as the Youth Minister of Zion Baptist Church of Denver Colorado, under the leadership of Pastor Frank M. Davis. In 1997, he was called into the pastorate ministry and served as Sr. Pastor of Greater Faith Baptist Church in Fort Collins Colorado.

In September of 2000, he founded House of Hope Christian Ministries of Aurora Colorado. Pastor Lewis has a heart for the disenfranchised people of the world. He has dedicated himself to helping break the chains that the enemy uses to keep people in bondage. He is the founder of Hope Project Ministries, an outreach ministry, which has housed hundreds of homeless men and women in transition. Pastor Lewis served as the Director of the Project Renew program which provides job coaching, resume building, transportation and housing for anyone, including ex-offenders released from prison. He is currently the Executive Director of New Start Recovery Counseling Center. He also served on the Board of Directors for Denver Community Housing.

Pastor Lewis graduated from Mechanic Arts High School in St. Paul Minnesota and he attended college for Electronics in Portland Oregon. He has dedicated many years to studying the Word of God and is seeking to further his education in Old & New Testament Studies. He is in the process of finishing his first book called, “From Dreams to Reality.” He enjoys reading, sports and watching movies, but his real passion is teaching and preaching the Word of God. Because of his passionate and charismatic preaching style he is able to touch people of all ages, as well as, from all walks of life. He is a humble servant with a compassionate and loving heart. Pastor Lewis and First Lady Pam Lewis, Evangelist, have been married for 20 years and they are the proud parents of four children and six grandchildren. He also considers himself, one of the “happiest pastors alive.” There are many accomplishments that could be highlighted, but the most important one is that Pastor Lewis is truly one of God’s chosen vessels.